'Wolves', arrives with auburn burning views and moments from the shore and life of Vikings.

'Wolves', photographic fine art and wall art for your home and life by Mike Koontz. My visual work and lifestyle products always feature the Arctic region of Hoga Kusten, Scandinavia.


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'Wolves' was born amongst the auburn burning views and moments inside my own realm of a life so capricious.

Where fleeting leaves and shapes of people still walk like Vikings. .
The ones that never left, our world
from eons past
And tomorrows day, all these things
that still hold
their shape and form through the sea of wild storms
withered souls

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Wolves is available as a fine art print, canvas, postcards and more.


Wolves life style and fine art products by Mike Koontz, shot on location in Höga Kusten, Scandinavia.

Music for the day.
blood as my guide by the agonist


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