Towels, towels, towels with beautiful visuals all the way from Höga Kusten for the gym, beach, sauna, spa, office and your life.

'beach and lifestyle towels', featuring visuals from the depth of the Swedish winter, shot on location in Höga Kusten by Mike. Beach and bath towels made with a gorgeous feel and quality and a lush vintage quality print.


Buy 'our towels today', photography and design by Mike Koontz.
Quality printing, production, shipping and payment by Society 6.

Like with our gorgeous Nordic wall art products, all of our beach and bath towels are shot and captured on location in the Swedish world heritage that is known as "Höga Kusten".

No matter which towel you end up buying they all share that Nordic visual feel and view that comes alive through a vibrant and vintage quality print. Bringing both beauty and a luxurious feel to your daily healthy fit life, no matter if you use our towels on the beach, the gym, spa, bathhouse, office or at home.

All beach towels are thick and large ( 74” x 37”) with a blank, white cotton terry backside. And they are machine washable.


Music for the day.
the nihilistic nothingness by Revel in flesh


Fine Art Photographer

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