'This Day' takes you through the elongated world of trees and sweeping mountains that is northern Scandinavia.

'This Day', photographic fine art and wall art for your home and life by Mike Koontz. My visual work and lifestyle products always feature the Arctic region of Hoga Kusten, Scandinavia.


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'This day' came to be during a solemn hike through the mountainous areas of Northern Scandinavias enchanted and vast stretching forests and valleys.

Tucked beneath the covers of ice and snow, the soil and life of Scandinavia sleep and dream, until the chasing wings of dark feathered ravens and chasing white tailed eagles brings with it the auburn burning light of the midnight sun.

Order "this day" fine art print and products today from Society 6 and bring some of that Nordic soul and landscape inside your own house and home. This day is available as a fine art print, canvas, postcards and more.


'This day' life style and fine art products by Mike Koontz, shot on location in Höga Kusten, Scandinavia.

Music for the day.
mouth of the abyss by Ingested


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