The lost world III. A fairy tale scene from the depth of Höga kustens serene summer realm in Sweden, Scandinavia.

'the lost world III', photography as fine art for your livingroom by Mike Koontz. Captured on location in the captivating Arctic region of Hoga Kusten Scandinavia.


Buy 'the lost world III' by Mike Koontz.
Quality printing, shipping, and payment used to be handled by Swedish fine art gallery boutique Printler. Prior to summer of 2019, but after they recently shut their doors I have started to transition my fine art products, such as this wall art over to Society 6.

Which means that outside of taking care of payment, shipping, production & printing of my beautiful wall art products, I will also start offering all of my fine art products in other forms, such as beach towels, duvet covers, and gorgeous and very cozy warm and snuggly blankets.

About "the lost world III".

Timeless and enchanting, such is the beauty of the Höga Kusten area in Sweden, Scandinavia. And on a lonesome summers day, you can truly hear and see the calmness of days long since gone from most of the world. Days when white swans could swim across the entire world, undisturbed by speeding boats, harmful toxins, and plastic pollution.

"the lost world III" is available for purchase right now over at Society 6. 

Just click the link above or below to order it for your wall, in your size and framing of choice, or as a wide range of other products, including a gorgeous beach towel and tote bag.

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