'Sea of trees', we ride through the endless sea of trees with Hugin and Munin.

'sea of trees', photographic fine art for your home and life by Mike Koontz featuring the Arctic region of Hoga Kusten Scandinavia. Where towering trees sway over both man and wolves.


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'Sea of trees' takes you on a journey, together with the ravens from the place where it was born in the soil of "Höga Kusten", that reaches further out into the vastness of life.

And at night when the wind rattles the crown of trees, and the world speaks in tongues, we ride through the endless sea of trees.
Hunched down hard on the backs of Hugin and Munin as they soar through the universe. .

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"sea of trees" life style and fine art products by Mike Koontz, shot on location in Höga Kusten, Scandinavia.

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