of wolf and man, part IV. Fine art for the bedroom, living room and office. Your gym and kitchen.

'of Wolf and man, and snow', photography fine art for your wall by Mike Koontz featuring the Arctic region of Hoga Kusten Scandinavia. Where towering trees sway over the silent snow covered world of man and wolves.


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'Of wolf and man... Part IV' is like its sibling, "of wolf and man, and snow" another winter wonderland scene that was viewed, and experienced in the flesh, and finally captured on location in Höga Kusten up in the billowing hills and mountains of Northern Scandinavia.

Our snow-covered world here in the Arctic provides endless beauty, calm and wilderness joy with countless of lakes, the hungry deep blue ocean, vast thick forests and mountains that play hide and seek, and tag with each other. All entwined and sharing life on top a landscape that moves up and down like a sea in rapture, from waist-deep snow to auburn colored autumn landscapes, and endlessly sun-filled summer nights.

And that soul and natural richness of the Vikings own world is what every piece in my "of wolf and man" fine art product series is meant to carry with it.

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The lost world III and "of wolf and man part IV" life style and fine art products by Mike Koontz, shot on location in Höga Kusten, Scandinavia.

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Monument of misery by the convalescence


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