Northern Shores. Stationary cards for that special friend or customer that deserves a handwritten note and moment in life.

'Northern Shores', wall art by Mike Koontz featuring the misty archipelago of Hoga Kusten Scandinavia where the layered landscape of islands, mountains, the oceans and rivers courted the Vikings long ships.


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Not everything in life is about wall art or that comfy throw blanket, sometimes you just need to show your appreciation for someone by taking the time to actually write something. As such 'Northern shores' is also available as a truly beautiful and unique stationary card.

Like our wall art version, its small frame is equipped with the richness and pagan history of Hoga Kusten Scandinavia. Where the layered landscape of rolling hills and thick grey mountains mix and mingle with the open ocean and the silence of the wormlike rivers and our vast Nordic forests that provided our old Viking longships with the perfect home.

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