'Freyas Tree' another piece of mine from the natural wonders of Scandinavias "Höga Kusten" area.

'Freyas Tree', photographic fine art and wall art for your home and life by Mike Koontz. My visual work and lifestyle products always feature the Arctic region of Hoga Kusten, Scandinavia.


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'Freyas tree' is one more fine art piece of mine captured, and created on location in the natural wonder and world heritage that is the Swedish area that is known as "Höga Kusten".

Höga Kusten, or "The High Coast" as you can say in English is a tranquil naturally rich archipelago and inland area where the ocean carves into the land scattered amongst towering shorelines and mountains, vast, deep forests and countless of islands, the perfect nature rich habitat for proud Vikings, both now and in ages long gone.

Order "Freyas Tree" from Society 6 and bring some of that Nordic soul and nature inside your own house and home. Freyas Tree is available as a fine art print, canvas, postcards and more.


'Freyas Tree' life style and fine art products by Mike Koontz, shot on location in Höga Kusten, Scandinavia.

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