'A Vikings Winter Day II', NORSE WALL ART FEATURING THE tranquil beauty of the white whinter birch trees, as they sleep and dream tucked beneath the snow of the Vikings land.

'A Vikings winter day II', wall art by Mike Koontz featuring the tranquil beauty of the Arctic region of Hoga Kusten Scandinavia. Where white birch trees rest beneath the cover of falling snow.


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Fine art print from this precious land that is Northern Scandinavia.
Life in the wintry white coldness of Northern Sweden is what inspired this subtle, yet gorgeous fine art print. And really, when you are living here, walking with the slow, and softly falling snowflakes whirling all around you, and you witness the glowing white birch trees.

The snow filled tree crowns and barren branches, the birds that skit around in the thick green world of the evergreens.

When all of this is encapsulated by the moving northern lights and the starry, cloud-free skies of the Vikings age-old home.

How could any other place on this gorgeous planet be any grander?

As such, this view and fine art print were born in the smallness and beauty of the Vikings simple but graciously grand life.

Music for the day because we Vikings, we just love good fashioned Metal.
"imperator noctis" by Astrophobos

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